About the EDXL Product Directory

The EDXL Product Directory was created by the OASIS Emergency Management Adoption Committee to showcase the extensive range of products that support the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL). The EDXL suite of standards are designed to enhance information sharing in the emergency management and response community.

Users are invited to search the directory to find products that support specific versions of the standards, including CAP, EDXL-DE, EDXL-HAVE, and EDXL-RM. Users may also refine their searches to identify products that have participated in OASIS Interoperability Demos and/or the NIMS Supporting Technology Evaluation Program (NIMS STEP).

Buyer beware

The information provided in the EDXL Product Directory is not the result of any certification program or compliance testing. Each vendor is responsible for the accuracy of its own listing. OASIS is a vendor-neutral standards consortium and does not warrant or endorse any products.


The EDXL Product Directory is completely open and seeks to include all products that support EDXL standards. If you represent a supplier of an EDXL product and would like to submit a product listing, first register for the site, then add your information using the submission form. You may update and edit your product listing at any time. Editing privileges for each product listing are exclusive to the person who created it. (If you shoud need to update a listing created by someone else at your company, contact OASIS Communications.)


OASIS membership is not required to post listings or search the directory; however, all EDXL vendors and users are invited to join OASIS and participate in advancing emergency management standards. 


To provide feedback on the EDXL Product Directory, contact OASIS Communications.