HC Standard® Software Suite

Global Emergency Response, Inc. (GER)

GER’s HC Standard® Suite of applications deliver Patient Tracking, Bed Tracking,
and Facility Infrastructure Tracking capabilities to healthcare professionals using
the latest EDXL-TEP and EDXL-HAVE versions and standards for interoperable data
communications.  HC Standard® offers web
and mobile based, real‐time situational awareness tools for use in the tracking
of patients and critical resources during mass casualty incidents, natural disasters,
or daily operations.  GER’s software
creates a common operating picture and configurable dashboards that enable first
responders and first receivers to accurately view patients and critical assets
throughout all phases of an emergency response. 
Our HC Standard® software operates on virtually all modern web browsers
and mobile technologies and was built with providers in mind, designed for
rapid deployment, configuration, interoperability and ease of use.  In most cases, HC Standard® applications can
leverage existing agency web and mobile devices currently deployed in the
field, eliminating the need for procuring expensive new hardware.

Since 2003, GER has worked to
support the development of healthcare coalitions (HCC’s) along with promoting State
and Regional collaboration efforts in the development of systems designed to enhance
interoperability through accurate real-time data sharing.   HC
Standard® improves situational awareness and brings together multi-source data
connections into a single configurable easy to use common operating picture, helping
to eliminate dual data entry saving time for our first responders.

GER provides customers a Software
as a Service (SaaS) turnkey hosted solution for managing critical asset
tracking and data sharing in a FedRAMP compliant HIPAA secure environment.   GER
offers a suite of other software solutions and services to support CMS
compliance including design, management, operation and evaluation of training
events from classroom to tabletop as well as full‐functional emergency
preparedness drills and exercises. GER is committed to continuously improving
data integration and availability, whether during emergencies or daily