AtHoc IWSAlerts

AtHoc, Inc.
AtHoc IWSAlerts is an enterprise-wide network-centric mass notification system that supports the emergency alerting needs of large, distributed organizations and helps facilitate a safe and effective response. The solution integrates with multiple alerting channels and provides a single, unified web-based console for managing the emergency notification process. This allows facilities to quickly and efficiently communicate a consistent alert to personnel, first responders, senior management, security managers and surrounding communities. The information is sent via multiple and redundant means, including audio/visual alerts to computers and Cisco IP phones, landline and cell phones, PDAs, BlackBerry devices, digital display boards, TV, radio, PA systems and sirens, and more. The system provides bi-directional communication capabilities to capture end user responses and generate real-time reports, providing senior leadership and security operators with an Enterprise Personnel Accountability Picture. AtHoc IWSAlerts provides several benefits, including the following: • Transforms an existing IP network into a comprehensive, enterprise-class mass notification system for rapid communication, boundless reach and cost effectiveness • Unifies all communication channels and devices, including networked computers, land/mobile phones, Cisco IP phone displays, voice telephony alerts to Cisco IP phones and PSTN lines, sirens, display boards, social networks and others, into a single system to simplify activation, ensure message consistency, and reduce alerting time • Provides an Enterprise Personnel Accountability Picture via real-time response tracking reports for an enterprise-wide view of the status and safety of all personnel • Provides enterprise capabilities for multi-tenancy centralized deployment to support an entire user population, while providing each remote site its own “private” alerting system • Manages the emergency notification process across the enterprise by providing pre-defined scenarios, access policies, multi-location support, alert activation flow • Monitors video feeds, physical sensors and external data sources to automatically trigger notification scenarios • Ensures continuous accuracy of personnel contact information by integrating with enterprise directories, providing operator user management tools and end user self-service • Deployment options include both secure private cloud, secure public cloud and hybrid architecture
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