Evolution Technologies, Inc.
Our new NeXt360° Suite of products and modular plug-in design provides mission ready tools needed for successful execution of that mission, allowing you to scale and adapt on-demand insures the right the right tools for the mission. The NEXt360 Suite & SQUAWK360 Toolset, provides scalable and Secure Message Flow Control (SMFC), allowing Clients granular management and distribution of: publications, subscriptions updating and relaying of Amber Alerts, CAP,HAVE Sit Rep & RM (Resource Messaging), messages, with dynamic filtering features. Now providing eMail and SMS alerts to all smart phones and Smart Map Grids with Dynamic interactive Icon displays. The NeXt360° toolset has integrated auto refresh features to provide you with near real-time updates, of Amber Alerts, HAVE (e.g. Facility &Bed Capacity), Map Overlays, incident impact areas, Live NOAA and CAP Alerts. The NeXt360° ℠Toolset Administrators module allows your Team to control access, visibility and provide selective, filtered updates to first responders and all field personnel with our Smart Alert Technology. This technology allows precise, uncluttered views, updates and responses resulting in enhanced situation awareness for all responders and subscribers, mitigation, risk crosstalk and confusing updates. The NeXt360° toolset modular design allows has customizable features. It is based on international standards insuring complete interoperability using: CAP, EDXL, and XML. Resource Management (RM) & Situational Reporting (SitRep) Modules available. Advanced polygon rendering and Mapping Overlays Pixel by Pixel image enhancement Geo Spatial conversion of Latitude and Longitude to zip code and International Grids. SQUAWK360°℠ MOBILE This NeXt360° ℠toolset modular extension, allows Emergency Management and Response Personnel to receive, track and update Message Alerts. Near real-time tracking and visual Identification of Resources with our Smart Icons. Manage the Emergency and Mission in the palm of your hand with any Smart Phone. SQUAWK360°℠ provides you with the same features of our Administration Master interface on your mobile device with Role Based Security and near real-time tracking of re-sources. Locate Resources and allocate resource via your Smart Phone Dispatch and Coordinate First Responders Monitor Location and Proximity Resources Filter, Direct, Restrict, Distribute messages based on Groups, Roles and End Users.
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