OASIS Emergency Interoperability Member Section Announces New Steering Committee Members

OASIS Members,
The OASIS Emergency Interoperability (EI) Member Section (MS),
http://www.oasis-emergency.org/, is pleased to announce two newly elected
Steering Committee members; Matt Walton and Jeff Waters. Mr. Walton is an
honorary member of the Emergency Interoperability Consortium (EIC). Mr.
Waters - Computer Scientist at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
Pacific, US Department of Defense (DoD). The OASIS Emergency
Interoperability (EI) Member Section accelerates the development, adoption,
application, and implementation of emergency interoperability and
communications standards and related work. EI endeavors to represent and
serve the needs of all constituents, from practitioners to technology
providers and national, international and multinational oversight agencies
related to emergency management.
Congratulations to Matt and Jeff with sincere gratitude to all the MS
members that cast their vote in this election process.
OASIS would like to thank David Aylward and Tracy Ryan from the Emergency
Interoperability Consortium (EIC) for their devotion and service to the EI
MS Steering Committee.